D&G Body Shop
D&G Contact Information
Address: 3807 Ogeechee Road - Savannah, GA. 31405
Phone: 912-313-8432
Fax: 912-238-3079
Owner: Dominic Miller
Site: Workpot Exclusive
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D & G Collision Repair
D & G Custom Paint and Body Works
Featured Workpot Partner
Featured Partner
"We Do It Right, The First Time"

Collision Repair
Specializing in Drivable Accidents, Out-of-Pocket Pay, Lease Turn-Backs and Repairs for an unbeatable price. Conventional body shops charge thousands of dollars for **repainting** an entire vehicle. At D&G, many car owners have regained a durable, new-like appearance for just a few hundred dollars. When it comes to collisions, D&G repairs average up to 40% less than dealerships and other body shops. Our **bodywork** is guaranteed for the life of your car with a **warranty** honored at our Collision repair Office. 

Painting (Restore / Custom)
Whether you want to economically restore your older vehicle's original appearance, touch up your leased vehicle's finish or return your damaged newer car to showroom condition, we have the perfect repair and pricing options. In addition come on down and see us about custom paint jobs. We have a highly professional staff that can handle most custom request.

**Overall Painting and Spot Painting** - We paint the entire surface to make an older car look great again or we can seamlessly repair and paint a new vehicle's damaged area helping you maintain its resale value.

"Get a Free Price Quote that is guaranteed not to change within 30 days as long as the damage repair doesn't change. D&G is committed to excellent service and will do our best to provide just that.

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